Tuesday, March 5, 2013



I have half an hour to contemplate the last 10 days before I hop on a shuttle bound for Queenstown where I will pick up another shuttle that will take me to a bike tour which will take me to a bridge where they will strap a bungee cord to my ankles and I will JUMP OFF said bridge, where (if I survive) I will then be picked up to be taken to a wine tasting.

Three words: LIVING THE DREAM.

Since I've last written I've walked 53 km on the Milford track (over four days), kayaked through waterfalls in Milford Sound, ridden a helicopter, landed on a glacier, walked another 32 km (over 3 days) on the Routeburn track, lost my breath 50 times over - not because I was exhausted, but because it really is breathtaking, lost my breath another 50 times over because I was exhausted, went canyoning through a river and down waterfalls, had a massage, and spent some time with media.

Madness? Yep!

I will set aside some time for proper details of the events above before we head out on a travel day up to the Abel Tasman tomorrow.

My head is spinning.


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