Sunday, February 10, 2013

When in Oz...


I'd have left for Australia earlier to have more time here, but before I knew I'd won the Great Walker competition, I registered myself for the Surf City Half Marathon on the 3rd... so I ran the 1/2 that morning and hopped on the plane that evening. It was my worst half marathon by all technical standards, but by far my greatest running victory... 

Just after the race - Molly made me this awesome sign!

Lucky girl got to stretch her legs out in BUSINESS CLASS from LA to Auckland. No cramping here!!! Possibly a highlight of my LIFE!
So when Christie told me she was signed up to do a little triathlon the day before I'd be off to New Zealand, I couldn't help but entertain the idea. The last race I did (before the Surf City Half last weekend) was Ironman St George, 2011 - A lifetime ago now. I tried to talk myself out of it, but ended up coming to the realization that I almost always have a better time if I step out of my comfort zone just a little bit. So, I signed up. I jumped in the pool for the first time since June (raising your arms over your head post mastectomies/lymph node retrieval/radiation is tricky), swam two or three times and considered myself trained for this race. 

It was a 1k swim, and 18 mile bike, and a 5 mile run. The swim was with a strong current, so felt ok with exception to the LARGE JELLY that I swam through, stinging my neck and shoulder. (Ok, honestly, I didn't see the bastard, but I FELT HIM!!! I'm sure he was the size of a large beach ball... Jerk!!!) Bike was great, three little loops on a tiny borrowed bike in tiny borrowed shoes and a borrowed helmet. Run was slow, which I knew it would be. I was slower than molasses and getting my arse handed to me by all the beautiful, incredibly fit Aussies - but still giggled my way through it, overjoyed by the fact that I CAN do it, and that my life is just so bizarre and amazing that I get to do a triathlon in Australia! So awesome. 

Today is Feb 11 - the day that I am obligated to be in Auckland. Joy and gratitude take on new meaning (once again) as I look back on my amazing Australian week and contemplate the adventures ahead. 
Me + teeny bike
              Me & Christie Post race. She did AWESOME!!


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