Saturday, January 5, 2013



I am a New Year's Resolution girl. I've found that having clear written goals to work toward is the best way to get me going.

Clearly 2012 was different than any other year for me, so I'm heading into 2013 with a different concept. I've decided that I will have one goal for 2013: to live by the lessons I learned in 2012.

Here they are. I've organized them in a way that makes sense to me...

All people are valid. Doesn't matter where they come from, what they look like, what they do, if/where they went to school, and how much money they make; they deserve to be treated well. 

Be kind, always. Nothing is lost from being kind.

Everybody has a story. I am not exceptional.

What I put out to the world in energy is what I’ll get back from the world in energy.

My mind will be consumed with what I choose to fill it with; what I am consumed with is what I will become.

Stress and anxiety are killers and are not worth the energy they cost; I need to keep my eye on the things that matter.

I may not always have control over all of the challenges I face, but I always have control over my reaction to the challenge.

My challenges will shape and mold me into the person I need to be to fill my purpose.

Embrace change. It always works out.

It’s ok to let go, sometimes.

Keep my mind, heart, and arms open.

It’s ok to let others see me sick, sad, or upset. 

It’s important to express gratitude.

Enjoy every second of feeling good, healthy and strong. Health can be fleeting.

Feel what I need to feel and rest when I need to rest. But don’t give up. Life comes back.

I am not invincible. I am very strong. 

New Hair for the New Year! YAY! 


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