Monday, October 15, 2012



I made this little do-dad for a dealie that I'm hoping/dreaming/praying/hoping/dreaming about (and it might involve a little trail time in New Zealand).

Honest to god - I watch it and still can't believe I'm talking about my own life... Weird.

I'll say this, I am ONE LUCKY GIRL to have a brother as talented and helpful as mine (I have two of them, actually - which makes me twice as lucky!) Here's Jared recording some music to go along with the video. Love, love, LOVE him!


  1. I've been so inspired by reading your blog. It's so amazing what you're doing and it's great to hear that you are already back out on the trails only 3 weeks after surgery!

    By the way, I found you through the homepage of -- while the shortlist hasn't been officially announced (and there only seem to be 3 profiles so far), you're one of them! Congrats :)

  2. Kristin- Thank you so much! Being able to run again is such a gift!!!

    This whole year has been sooo wild! I honestly could not be more excited about being a finalist!!! (I might have jumped around, screamed, and cried for several hours...) THIS TRIP IS MY DREAM!!!!

  3. It's so amazing that you're a finalist, and I'll definitely be cheering for you to be one of the final four! (Plus, at least you didn't have to wait til today like most of the other people after they accidentally posted your profile on Tuesday!) It seems like it's meant to be, since you'd planned to be in NZ -- now you hopefully will be.

    Hope the radiation is going as well as it can and that you're nearly done with it!