Saturday, September 22, 2012



Shouldda, couldda, wouldda been the day I ran the Abel-Tasman 36k in New Zealand.

I have dreamed of New Zealand for years and years - this was going to be the one that I actually experienced it...

Or not.

Instead, I am doing the Susan Komen Race for the Cure tomorrow. A 5k. I won't run it. I'm not sure I could if I tried.

It's all been said a thousand times... not what I planed, not what I expected.

We could all say that about some time in our lives, "Things didn't turn out the way I expected them to..."

Sad story.

Live moves on.

I will get to New Zealand when it's time, when it's right.

I will run the Abel-Tasman one day.

It will be a different kind of victory for me when I cross the finish line there...


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