Wednesday, July 18, 2012



I think I talked about how much I loved the boda boda in Uganda. I met Steve, my personal boda driver, early in my stay in Kyabirwa. (When I say "personal," I mean that I had his cell phone number and I could call him when I needed him and he's come just about anywhere to pick me up.) He was AWESOME. It was so nice to know that I had someone that I could trust and rely on.

This video was taken on my way from the village, heading into Jinja one day (I was on my way to the rainforest for a mountain bike ride.) I love it. I think it gives a pretty good glimpse into the reality of what I saw every day.

Just to be clear (or maybe over-clear) - this isn't the village, and it's not the city - it's sorta skirting the city...

Ohhhh I love the boda...


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