Friday, March 23, 2012

The Worm


Actually, the visit to the doctor was WAY more interesting than the stupid worm that's living off of me (little maggot - almost literally, EW! GROSS!!!)

I thought it might be good to have the worm in my arm checked out by an African Dr since it might be an "African" worm... something that an Asian or American Dr might not recognize... So I went to a clinic across the street and saw Dr. Shariff based on recommendation from an older expat couple living here.

When I actually found the clinic, I couldn't figure out how to get in - like, where the reception was... or how to tell someone what I was looking for. I stood out as the white girl wandering around the building. I finally found the lab with an open door and asked the guy there. He totally laughed at me.

I filled out a card at reception and she sent me around the building, upstairs and to room number 3.

I love this... It asks what tribe I'm from... and my father's name. (What does my father's name have to do with the worm in my arm???)
All in all, I waited for about 30 minutes before I saw the Dr. He was SO kind. I explained my worm, he looked at it, was puzzled, and decided to take an ultrasound. So we walked about 4 feet to the ultrasound machine, he did a quick ultrasound of my arm, he walked me back to the chair, sat me down and explained what I have. Total, I think I was in the room with him for 10 minutes.

I'm actually too horrified to tell what it is.

Suffice to say, people never get this in their arms... He's never seen it there before. The whole thing is a mystery.

Good news, it can be killed! So he wrote me a prescription for a couple things and I was off with a total bill of 9 bucks. Wild.
The clinic - waiting for my prescription.
He said if the meds don't kill the thing to see another Dr as I travel. It's pretty disgusting, but makes for a good story!

I've been in Arusha for four days now. The time is flying and I'm wishing I hadn't booked my flight out so soon... A full post on this city and why I love it so much to come.


  1. Hi Steph, your journey so far must be exhilarating not to mention you playing host to a 'worm' I got a shiver when you mentioned it @ the migration counter in Namanga . . .
    So what is/was it ?

  2. Hi Steph, is the worm 'HISTORY' yet ?

  3. I remember you mentioning about you having a 'worm' living off you @ the migration counter In Namanga and it made me 'shiver'
    So when are you back to the 'Green City In The Sun' ?