Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Running in Bunyonyi


Marshell and I went running around Lake Bunyonyi on Sunday. I got my ass kicked. Marshell is a wildlife firefighter and has a pretty natural talent of putting me in my place in regards to fitness. (Meaning, she is a machine.) Ouch.
The view of Bunyonyi from my run.

Running along the dirt road that borders the lake we found the typical scene of village life... kids running around in the bushes/farms, people staring at us and asking us where we were going, cows and pigs in the road. All normal until we run by a little kid standing his ground at the side of the road. He looked angry. He glanced at my watch and said something I didn't understand. I knew he wanted something from me and said "No." - which is when he promptly started throwing rocks at me. The little MAGGOT! I wanted to run back and push him down the hill, but managed to check my playground antics and kept running.

Not too much further down the road we ran into another group of kids that came spilling out of the bushes with machetes (they were working in the garden). Another little boy, who seemed happier than the rock-throwing-maggot said "give me money!" I yelled back "NO MONEY!" His response (machete in hand), "I CUT YOU!"

In my head I muttered words that cannot be typed on this blog. In reality I said "that's a first" and ran faster.

Suffice to say, the kids in Bunyonyi are not as friendly as the kids in Bwindi.

I'm off to run "Kigali style" this afternoon. In case you're not aware, Kigali is SUPER hilly. Should be interesting.


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