Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Off the Beaten Path...


Wow, so if I was isolated in the village in Kyabirwa, I am isolated multiplied by  ONE THOUSAND where I am now...

I haven't had internet in days, little connection to the world back home, staying in hostels or super low budget "hotels" in rural Uganda, flushing toilets are RARE (seriously... rare), mosquitos are out in FORCE (hello, 30 bites on my feet alone...), and it's about 150 degrees (ok, exaggeration... but it's been HOT - until this very moment where the storm rolled in with a breeze and torrential downpour).

Where have I been, where am I, where am I going?

I left my sweet new home on Saturday morning (feels like lightyears ago, honestly) via matatu - public taxi which is really an undersized, overstuffed minivan. Overstuffed meaning, you will often see these little vans driving with up to 30 or more people in them, hanging out of them, hanging on them, off the back of them, or on the roof - no joke. Ours was not THAT packed, but probably still sported 20 people plus our bags (um, some of you have seen my bag -- it's the size of four people, at least. The ride was bumpy and included a TON of starts and stops and traffic. For me, it was the lowlight of the entire trip. I hadn't been feeling well - a cold or something. Anyway - I thought I was going to barf on everyone in the bus, there was nowhere for me to go so I just sat in the back and concentrated on not barfing for three hours.

Alright - so it ended ok. I didn't barf.

Reader's Digest version: I stayed at a hostel in Kampala - LOVED Kampala, bodas there imparticular. Crazy fast madness. Drove early Sunday to the Rhino Sanctuary up north, stayed in a hostel-ish thing there, saw rhinos (awesome!), drove the next day to Murchison Falls, saw animals, a LOT of them (elephants, giraffes, buffalos, warthogs, etc, etc, etc), drove to some podunk town in Africa (LIKE SERIOUSLY podunk) and stayed in a "Lodge" that will be properly described at some point) drove to Ishasha (border of the Democratic Republic of Congo) to see the (invisible) "tree climbing lions", then drove to some place in Queen Elizabeth Park on a peninsula, staying in a hostel down the road but found a SUPER FANCY HOTEL up the street with Sapphire and WIFI!!!

Here I am.

I'm good. Tired of driving on VERY bumpy dirt roads and wondering when/what my next meal will be. I am VERY MUCH looking forward to Rwanda and seriously thinking about a little splurge (coddling) in a fancy hotel (ok, mid-range) in Kigali or Arusha (hot shower??? YES!!!).

Totally honest: I miss my friends at home, my bed, a hot shower, starbucks, MY FAMILY, and so much more. But I'm holding tight - looking forward to Rwanda and seeing my friends in Arusha - and especially INDIA!


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