Wednesday, February 1, 2012



The beginning of what I'm SURE was going to be an amazing career in scuba diving for me was cut short when a seriously choppy ocean induced a new ailment to my world - sea sickness. After throwing up at least 8 times on the way to our destination (which DID NOT include being on land) I oped out of trying to scuba for the first time and went for the snorkel instead.
Sexy snorkel beast
Even with the snorkel, I was sicky sickerson... The second I stepped back on the boat I thought I was going to yack again. Luckily, the guys leading our tour found another boat to send me back on (Christie was also feeling a bit woozy, so they let her come with).
Refugees! I was not acting, that look is REAL!
I've bounced back (sorta) today! We parasailed! It was great, WAY more pleasant than being on a boat! Literally like floating in the air... kinda like being a bird, but without actually having to exude any effort. Again, the second I stepped foot on the boat, I felt sick again.

Since we were feeling so great on the water (NOT) - we thought it would be fun to do the fly raft thingie... see below. It was... CRAZY, and hilarious, and Christie and I only lasted about two minutes.

We couldn't even manage getting in the boat without falling all over the place.

Yeah, and here we are on the other side of the raft holding on for DEAR LIFE!!!

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  1. ok i know i haven't commented before ( that i remember) but i've read every single word on this blog, and i'm beyond happy for your experiences, steph! i've loved reading your journey.