Sunday, January 29, 2012

Randomness from Zanzibar


I love Africa. I’m in Zanzibar at the Bungalow/Resort in an internet café. I just ordered an iced cappuccino that cost 4,000 shillings (about $2.50) – I gave the lady 10,000 shillings… she responded “don’t you need anything else?” meaning, “I don’t have change for this.” The same thing happened in the Kilimanjaro Airport yesterday. I gave the lady $100 for the $55 surcharge for extra weight (expected). To get me change, she made me wait about 10 minutes until she was done checking us in (yes, me, Christie, and Lyndall were the ONLY ones in the entire airport) then walked us around from little store to little store to try to find someone with $45 in change. No one had it, so she asked us to wait at the little café while she went to the bureau of change to try to find some money. Anyway – these are just a couple more little things that are different about this place – things I adore.

I opted to use the remaining 5,500 shillings for internet use in a little bit (no wi-fi here – shocking…)

For the love of all things beautiful – Zanzibar is STUNNING. I’m still in Tanzania – but this island feels like a million miles away from the place I left yesterday afternoon.

Truth: I’m in a little bit of a funk. You spend 20 days on a mountain and you sorta get used to it. Not to mention the fact that we were totally spoiled on the mountain by the best guides and crew 11 girls could ask for. I miss them – terribly. I loved interacting with them, loved listening to their stories, laughing, singing… and on and on. The north part of Zanzibar (where we are staying) is very resort-ish… so there isn’t as much opportunity to connect with the locals here (plus, as I’m learning – it’s not really expected that you would connect with locals here). I am very excited about getting to Uganda to learn about the kids and culture there.

So- Zanzibar… how did this happen? Yes, I was supposed to go straight from the climb to Jinja to begin working tomorrow. I bonded quickly with the two Aussies on the trip (shocking), Lyndall and Christie, and one other American – Janine… all of which had planned this trip to Zanzibar post-climb. They talked me into it. I figured the chances of me spending five days on an island off the coast of Africa with some of my dearest new friends again any time soon was – slim to none. So I grabbed at the opportunity and here I am! I also really need some time to process all of this. In case the blogs don’t tell you enough about the state of my brain right now… I’m a little bit confused about where I’ve been, where I am, or where I’m going.

Sooooo – Zanzibar will include rest, kayaking, snorkeling, floating in the water, soaking up the hot, humid sunshine, hanging with the girls, and processing the last four weeks (or, four years?) Hurray!!!

Eventually I'll get the part about the Kili climb written and posted (SOOOO AMAZING!!!)


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