Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update: T-minus 14 Days


Anxiety prevails!

I've just packed my first boxes and cleaned out two of my closets (oh, and I only have TWO closets!). I'm relieved to say (and feel) that I think packing is cathartic - it's getting my head where it needs to be...  ready(er) to move to Africa.

So here's what's up 14 days before departure:

Training: I am running a bit, but not enough. I haven't been to the mountain in months. I think I'm afraid to say goodbye to her. I'm hoping the 10-12 mile trail runs on the weekends will get me there!

Fundraising: As of this moment, I'm at $4,950. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends and family in giving their money, time, energy and resources. It's been so neat for me to see how much people will do to help me, and this cause. As a team of 11, we have raised over $100,000 USD. It's amazing to me how hard these women have worked, and at the risk of sounding cheesy - I am so proud of the difference we will make.

The Move: Is freaking me out. Our office moved from one building to another last week, so I got to test-drive my packing/moving skills and confirmed what I already knew - I suck at moving. I don't do well with imposed change. That being said, I am thoroughly enjoying my new, short-lived view of Orange County from the 16th floor. The changes at work have made the transition out of Epicor easier. I barely know the place anymore - but I do miss the family we used to be.

I've begun packing my house early (in my opinion) in an attempt to keep this organized. All I can think is that when I come home I'm going to want to be able to find what I need when I need it. I also sorta feel like it's one of few things I have a lot of control over these days.
There's a method to my madness... I swear!

I have yet to find something solid to do after the climb which is making this a true adventure as far as I'm concerned. I've always said that this is something I feel like I need to do... The fact that the right opportunity hasn't fallen into my lap is really putting my conviction to the test. I feel like I'm jumping off a cliff! But as I search for my next place to live and see how helpful I could be, I am confirmed in my choices. I simply hope and pray for safety, food, a bed, and place to help & give love. (Is that simple? I'm not sure...)

My Tanzanian Visa (AND PASSPORT!) arrived from Washington DC yesterday after a record processing time of ONE DAY. Yes, I shipped the passport on Tues, it arrived Weds, they shipped it back on Thurs, and it arrived on my desk by 10:30 am on Friday. God bless Fed Ex and the Tanzanian Embassy!!! I still need my Kenyan Visa - Luckily, this is an easier get with a visa processing center in LA at the Kenyan Consulate. I will paying them a visit this week. Suffice to say - I'm relieved to have the passport in hand!

Other than all of that, I need to paint a wall in my apartment back to white, visit every doctor I can manage to make an appointment with, tie up all loose ends at work, celebrate Christmas, figure out how I'm gonna get money/pay bills from Africa, say goodbye to my village (aka - ARMY), train, get a new phone and learn how to make it work in Africa, fund-raise more, pack a bag or two (not knowing where I'm going...), and get all the rest of my stuff moved out of this place. Whew!


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